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Why Jet Classified Remarketing? Jet Classified makes marketing your asset simple. 

Our global relationships with airlines/operators, lessors, MRO’s, banks and other key aviation industry players, put us in the unique position where we have a 360-degree view of the market.  Utilising this position allows us to place your asset in front of the right people from within our contact base.

How it Works

Through our global contact database, which is comprised of airlines, operators, MRO's, banks and other industry players, we shall identify parties that we believe may have an interest to acquire or lease your asset type.

We then reach out to the parties that we believe may have an interest, and enquire if they would indeed be interested to learn more about your asset.  Once we are confident that they are seriously interested, we shall provide further information about the asset.

Once we establish their level of interest and their ability to acquire and operate such an asset, we shall draw up a shortlist of the most serious and prospective parties, along with their offers, which we formally introduce and hand over to you to close the sale or lease with.

The Benefits of Remarketing with Jet Classified

  • Low Fees.

  • Fees only payable upon a successful closing of a transaction.

  • Weekly update reports of what steps have been taken to place your asset.

The Small Print 

  • All buyers are vetted by us and asked to complete a KYC (know your client) form.

  • Countries that are under EU/UK/USA sanctions lists are not eligible for the remarketing service.

  • Once a seller instructs Jet Classified to remarket an asset, it is based upon an 'exclusive agreement', and a fee for remarketing is charged to the seller upon completion of a successful closing.

You may view our full terms & conditions here:​

Fee Structure

Competitive Pricing

You'll find Jet Classified very competitively priced for placing your assets, and if you are placing multiple assets, we become even more competitive. Our fee structure below gives a typical example of our current fees: 

*Multiple asset deals are not illustrated in the fee structure, as this is personalised.

Aircraft Remarketing Fees

Service Provided
Aircraft lease arranged for 1 year
Aircraft lease arranged for 2 years
Aircraft lease arranged for 3 year3
Sale of aircraft
Up to $1m
$1m - $5m
$5m +
fee structure.png
Service Provided                             Up to $1m                $1m - $5m                    $5m +      

Engine Remarketing Fees

Engine lease arranged for 2 years                    $19,000                     $19000                      $19,000      
Engine lease arranged for 2 years                    $19,000                     $19000                      $19,000      
Engine lease arranged for 2 years                    $19,000                     $19000                      $19,000      
Sale of Engine                                  $19,000                     $19000                      $19,000