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JetClassified.Com is fast becoming more popular globally for those who wish to lease or acquire assets. Our platform allows you to bring your brand or service to a global audience of decision makers and the right companies within the aviation community.  Our recent partnership with Airline Economics has now exposed us to a further 100,000 subscribers. 

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JetClassified.Com one place – All About Aviation Trading. JetClassified.Com was established in 2019 to create one place for commercial aviation assets trading. JetClassified.Com is the most easiest online site to place 'commercial aviation' assets. Our site offers a worldwide platform for your aircraft, engine, APU or engine stands to be seen, and the buyer to contact you directly. With global audience of over 20,000 aviation decision makers, it makes sense to list your asset with JetClassified.Com.


JetClassified.Com is in cooperation with Airline Economics©, Aviation News Online© as well as MRO Global© to support our aviation related colleagues and give a 360 degrees support, including, aviation news, MRO directory and now, aviation assets marketplace.