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Fast Lease & Sell Your asset

Time Matters. Spread the Word Fast with FLY. 
Instantly Market Your Asset.

Over 6000 people could be seeing your asset today.

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FLY is our latest innovation in assisting to place your assets. With FLY, you are now able to instantly tell the aviation world about your latest asset/assets that you currently have available or are marketing.

How it Works

Fill out and

submit the online

'Asset Campaign Form'.

Your target audience is 

matched from our database of subscribers.

Your campaign is sent out to your target audience globally.

Interested parties contact you directly.


Target Your

You can target your audience to the following:
- Airlines,
- Lessor's,
- MRO's,
- Aviation Law Firms,
- All of the Above...

Using FLY is  like having your own marketing team at the touch of a button.  Simply upload your asset details and reach over 6000 aviation personnel in one go.


Q: Will the marketing campaign just be my asset, or will there be other parties’ assets?

A: The asset(s) marketed in a campaign, will only ever be your asset(s).


Q: Who will be the point of contact shown in the campaign?

A: The point of contact will only ever be who you tell us.


Q: Can I market more than one asset in one campaign?

A: Yes, but for each additional asset, there is an additional fee.


Q: Can I include pictures of the asset in the campaign?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I include links to aircraft specs, technical specs and data packs?

A: Yes.


Q: What kind of assets can I market with FLY?

A: You may market: Aircraft, Engines, APU’s and Landing Gears.

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