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Jet Classified at a Glance

JetClassified.Com is a free online platform for the listing of commercial - Aircraft - Engines & APU's.  Once you register, you will be able to list, manage and view your assets from within your online account.

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For Sellers

Whether you are selling or leasing an aircraft, engine or APU, you'll find a benefit when you place your asset on Jet Classified.  Our members & subscribers benefit from:

Free-to-List.  It's free to list your assets on Jet Classified.

6000.  With over 6000 aviation industry personnel subscribers, your asset will certainly be seen by the right people.

Newsletter.  Your asset also appears in our regular newsletters to over 6000 aviation industry personnel.

Banners & Boxed Ads.  We can design for you or use your existing banner or advert to appear in our newsletters and on our website.

For Buyers

With the largest amount of current listings in the commercial aviation market, buyers can benefit from using Jet Classified, knowing that our listings are:

Registered.  All sellers must register their information.

ESN & MSN Numbers.  All asset listings must contain the corresponding ESN & MSN numbers.

Updated Daily.  All asset listings are updated daily, so our listings are as current as possible.

Global Listings.  Our subscribers & listers are from all over the globe, giving you a view of as many assets in the market as possible.

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We now publish the last 6 months of aircraft & engine market activity.

See how many types of aircraft & engines were available over the past 6 months.

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Download Our Aircraft & Engine Listings in Classic PDF Format

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We have indeed been able to generate business through the use of the platform

- Aircraft Leasing & Management

We have been using Jet Classified website for some time now and I am amazed to see how much it is helping the team.

- ELAL - Israeli Airlines

I can highly recommend them if you wish to list any aircraft assets for sale, lease or part-out.


- Skytech - AIC

It is easy & effective, we have many enquiries for our services...


- ULS - Cargo Airlines


3 Media Channels

5000 Subscribers


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- Banners
- Airline Economics Partnership

- Our Website
- Regular Newsletters
- Listings Downloads

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Media Kit

- Download Our Media Kit and learn more

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