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Jet Classified at a Glance

JetClassified.Com is a free online platform for the listing of commercial - Aircraft - Engines & APU's.  Once you register, you will be able to list, manage and view your assets from within your online account.

Give your business
a boost to 6000+
aviation personnel 

6000 Subscribers

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We have indeed been able to generate business through the use of the platform

- Aircraft Leasing & Management

We have been using Jet Classified website for some time now and I am amazed to see how much it is helping the team.

- ELAL - Israeli Airlines

I can highly recommend them if you wish to list any aircraft assets for sale, lease or part-out.


- Skytech - AIC

It is easy & effective, we have many enquiries for our services...


- ULS - Cargo Airlines

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