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'JetClassified.Com' is a free and premium listings website for commercial aviation. Once registered, you will be able to upload your assets (aircraft, engines & APU's) for sale or lease, along with your direct contact details, free of charge. To get started, simply complete a registration form online, and you will be able to start listing right away. Registration should take no longer than just a minute.

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If you have more than one asset to list, JetClassified have made it very simple for you to list them all in one go. Simply select either the 'Multiple Aircraft' or 'Multiple Engines' button and complete the excel spreadsheet in one go.

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Latest Aircraft Added

Airbus A320 200...………..YOM 2012

Boeing 737-800 NG...YOM 2002

Boeing 767-300 ER.....YOM 2001


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